Izmir Airport Guide to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport - ADB

Izmir Airport Terminals

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is the main international airport which serves the city of Izmir and the surrounding municipalities of the Turkish province with the same name.

Izmir Airport is the fourth busiest airport of the country. It serves as a hub for Pegasus Airlines, Izair, Sun Express and Turkish Airlines.

The Terminal structure of Izmir Airport consists of two terminals sharing the same roof. By this way, International Arrivals and Departures is located on the right side of the terminal and Domestic Arrivals and Departures is on the left side. 

Transfer between Terminals

Even be in separate buildings, the International and the Domestic Terminal are connected each other by walkaways. You can transfer between them within a short walk. 

International Terminal

Izmir Airport International Terminal hosts the international flights which connects Izmir to almost 50 destinations worldwide. It is divided by two levels just like the Domestic Terminal, hosting either Arrivals and Departures Hall. More information

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Domestic Terminal

Izmir Airport Domestic Terminal hosts the domestic and regional flights of Pegasus Airlines, Izair, Sun Express, Onur Air and Turkish Airlines. It is divided by two levels where Arrivals Halls and Departures Hall are located. It shares many of the available services with the International Terminal. More information

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General Aviation Terminal

Izmir Airport also hosts the General Aviation Terminal, an exclusive private gate which offers service for economy, politics, business, culture and sports personalities while they stay at Izmir Airport. The terminal hosts business jets and boutique services for airline passengers as well.


At the Domestic Terminal in the inviting building you can find several indoor gardens and pools. You can also observe the aircraft movements thanks to the open spaces that the airport offers to passengers.